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February 2017
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Ballet Dancers Glide Their Way Through NYC — Naked — In Stunning Photos | The Huffington Post

LABSN Editor’s Note: I just thought these photos were so beautiful I had to share them. Hope you all think so also.

Dancers just seem to navigate the world a bit differently than the rest of us.

Source: Ballet Dancers Glide Their Way Through NYC — Naked — In Stunning Photos | The Huffington Post

Nudism/Naturism: Full-frontal nudity in pictures

Excellent article, and the comments are very informative. Jillian, you always have blogs that get us all think, which I personally appreciate. Thank you.

Jillian Page: Reflections on life in the global village

“Full frontage nudists are not exhibitionists but are showing their body acceptance without shame.”

It was something I had been thinking about recently, after seeing numerous full-frontal photos on social media shared by naturists. Many of them were posing, like any tourist would, in front of various attractions. One, for example, was standing in front of a giant cactus in Arizona.

The only difference between them and your average tourist is that the naturists were, quite naturally, naked.

Were they exhibitionists? No, I reasoned. At least, not any more so than clothed tourists who post photos of themselves. So, the issue was quickly resolved in my mind, and pretty much laid to rest . . . until my friend SoCalNaturist posted the quote above along with some full-frontal photos on Twitter (as many naturists do there).

The four pictures are grouped together in a gallery of sorts: one shows a…

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Selfies – Nourishment For The Naked Soul | Naturist Lens

LABSN Editor’s Note: I always find the thoughts Skyclad expresses in his Naturist Lens blog interesting. I’ve found this blog expecially interesting. I hope you all also enjoy the blog.


Emma was kind enough to send me a “selfie” she took in the not-too-distant past. Like many naturists or nudists, she takes selfies to record her life unclothed. I am no different. I als…

Source: Selfies – Nourishment For The Naked Soul | Naturist Lens

The Human Body – Art/Protest

Clothing Optional in Prince George

Why is the human body accepted as art when it is nude? Does that mean when it’s clothed it is no longer worthy of consideration? Can a naked person just be a person or do they have to represent something (nudist, art, protester?)

I like how I feel when I go clothes free. I just wish I could get my lily white butt to an acceptable place to enjoy the world around me a lot more often. I did spend some time outside in the forest today. It felt wonderful – and I wasn’t even protesting anything!

Photographer Tunik uses nude people as his subjects. On July 17th, 2016 he plans to use 100 naked women to protest Donal Trump. Tunik said “to work with the body as an art object as opposed to an object of crime or violence, just show the body as a beautiful organic entity that…

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That one-finger selfie

LABSN Editor’s Note: Paul makes some excellent points with this post on his Zjuzdme.org blog. What do you think? 

One-finger selfies. You’ve probably heard about it, seen plenty of examples of it. The one-finger selfie. Apparently it started though an Anime character that demonstrated how to do it: I had…

Source: That one-finger selfie. – Zjuzdme.org

Sunday Noon Nudist – Zjuzdme.org


LABSN Editor’s Note: Paul has been very faithful over the past years in posting the Sunday Noon Nudist on his blog, Zjuzdme.org. I love today’s. It says a lot without words. Check out Paul’s other posts, also.

The art of looking at nude art naked.

Source: Sunday Noon Nudist – Zjuzdme.org

A practical idea

LABSN Editor’s Note: Ran across Nikola Novak’s Naked Diaries blog and found this post interesting. Nikola makes a good argument for practicality.

The situation is somewhere between symbolism and analogy, really. The clothes make me feel trapped when I wear them. Now I’m trapped in this place because of them.

Source: A practical idea

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