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Rewilding – Naturism as Therapy | A Canadian Naturist

LABSN Editor’s Note: I found this piece by Robert Longpré on his blog site, A Canadian Naturist, very enlightening so I wanted to share it.

Naturism is a therapy, nature’s therapy for the soul. There is no better way to simply experience the fullness of being alive in the world than to make oneself fully vulnerable to that world. It do…

Source: Rewilding – Naturism as Therapy | A Canadian Naturist

Naturism & Exhibitionism: Enemies or First Cousins?

LABSN Editor’s Note: I thought this blog on Meandering Naturist expressed many of my thoughts on nudism and exhibitionism.


The Meandering Naturist

Some people dismiss streakers, naked protesters and even nudists and life models as ‘exhibitionists’ without fully appreciating that we are all, to a greater or lesser extent, motivated by exhibitionism. We learn to be that way in order to stay alive. A baby needs to be seen and to be noticed by its mother, and this need continues to operate in us throughout our lives… Every human being is motivated by this deep desire to be seen, to have attention paid to them, to be noticed and to be heard.

Philip Carr-Gomm, A Brief History of Nakedness, 2012

nudist-beach-nude-people-mans-womans-relax-beach-colorful-flat-illustration-90801266 Naturists or Exhibitionists?

I keep trying to figure out how the social media thing coincides – in a meaningful way – with the naturist cause. I recently re-established my presence on Facebook and Instagram, (simply waiting for someone on a minimum wage salary to shut off my account for too much…

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Award-winning Vimeo video on body acceptance

LABSN Editor’s Note: This is a well produced video on body acceptance.

Men and Their Unconscious Fascination with Their Penis | A Canadian Naturist

LABSN Editor’s Note:Robert always has great insights into a variety of topics. I thought I’d share this one, but check out his blog site: A Canadian Naturistsand see “The world through a naturist’s lens.”

It’s slightly depressing out as far as weather is concerned and I have a cold adding a level of misery to the situation. Of course, this means that my approach to the world is tinged with a sense o…

Source: Men and Their Unconscious Fascination with Their Penis | A Canadian Naturist

Positive Scientific Study on Naturism

two woman lifting dumbbells

Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

LABSN Editor’s Note: I found what at least reads like a scientific study on the positive effects of naturism on body image and self-esteem.  I’m going to reference this study whenever I need to convince someone one that naturism is good for you, but really it only verifies everything I’ve already have experienced as a naturist. What do you all think?




LABSN Editor’s Note: It seems I meant to post this more than a year ago, but just found it in my pending queu, so I’m posting it now. Then again I may have already posted this and during my attempt to do so, I may have opened another posting page and this one has just been sitting here. Hope you’re not as confused as I am. 😉


À quoi penses-tu? | Modele Vivant a Quebec

LABSN Editor’s Note: I’ve been following Rolland’s blog for some time and and find it so well presented I want to share it.
It is usually written in French and I have to run the text through Bing Translator, which I’m sure missing the nuances of the poetry. But even with the literal translation I get the sense of his passion.
Rolland also has wonderful art at the top of each post and always credits the artist.
I’ve included the Bing translation at the end.
Hope you enjoy this post.

À quoi penses-tu?   À quoi penses-tu? Pour que subitement, tu t’es tu? Devant moi, tu me racontas ta journée, Pendant que je prenais plaisir à te dessiner.   Ai-je dit un mot qu&rsq…

Source: À quoi penses-tu? | Modele Vivant a Quebec

English translation by Bing:

A masterpiece directed by Noble Roro of France
What are you thinking?

What are you thinking?
So that suddenly, you were you?
In front of me, you tell me your day,
While I was taking pleasure in drawing you.

Did I say a word you shouldn’t?
Would I have crumpled your soul in your heart?
If that’s the case, forgive me my beautiful,
Because, thanks to you, my life has become a marvel.

That you have become my model over the days,
And over time in my eyes a lovely lady,
But during our torrid nights, you became my tender Muse,
To be honest with you and a little with me, all this in me amuses me.

Will! Since we have to keep going, let’s continue!
With a few strokes of pencils and towards you my only passion,
To make a true homage to the noblest of all femininity,
Your naked body, now, forever and I swear to you for eternity.


RollandJr St-Gelais
Quebec City, Quebec

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