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Apprenticeships: do we want them and do they still exist?

LABSN Editor’s Note: Having served a six-year apprenticeship in letterpress printing, I found this article interesting. It speaks of the willingness of today’s society to accept less than top quality.

Bookish Things to think about

I have to perform this week: I am making two books for two experienced bookbinders. I need to be better than my best. But I feel like a beginner.

I was just saying to my students last night that I wished I could do an apprenticeship, a “stage” or internship with a bookbinder somewhere. However at just over 50 years old, who would want me?  I don’t mean it to sound bad; I am being realistic. It costs money to train someone.   I consider myself  an advanced beginner. Although I learned much of my skills at the bench, I have gotten to where I am by teaching myself, by reading, by attending the occasional workshop. I need more bookbinding hours under my belt.  And I am the sort of person who needs a teacher at hand. It’s not that I wish to be younger, it’s about having more time.  What…

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Media’s Grim Addiction to Perseverance Porn | FAIR

LABSN Editor’s Note: I thought this take on how a news item is reported was very important. FAIR has a reputation for making news reporters think about what they write from a different point of view.

These stories are typically shared for the purposes of poor-shaming, typically under the guise of inspirational life advice. A healthy press would take these anecdotes of “can do” spirit and ask bigger questions, like why are these people forced into such absurd hardship?

Source: Media’s Grim Addiction to Perseverance Porn | FAIR

7 Reasons why you want to be a nudie – Naked Wanderings

LABSN Editor’s Note: I ran across Nick and Lin’s blog and found what they had to say very informative and interesting. Check them out.

Everyone can find a reason to become a nudist, whether it’s the connection to nature, the feeling of freedom or the equal tan line.

Source: 7 Reasons why you want to be a nudie – Naked Wanderings

Dress Code Sexism

LABSN Editor’s Note: Laci has a good point here, as usual.

And here’s another video from Laci that goes into more detail about objectifying women.


‘Spectacular’ Sea of Hull pictures as Spencer Tunick photographs 3,200 naked blue people | Hull Daily Mail

LABSN Editor’s Note: Someday I’ll participate in one of Spencer Tunick’s events.

Source: ‘Spectacular’ Sea of Hull pictures as Spencer Tunick photographs 3,200 naked blue people | Hull Daily Mail

Bodypainting Day 2016

LANSN Editor’s Note: This looks like a fun event for all involved. What a great way to introduce the public to the beauty of the nude body.

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

IMG_0928While most days you’d get arrested if you walked fully nude down the sidewalk at 47th Street and Second Avenue in New York City — topless is fine, for all genders; bottomless is not, for any — there is an exception.

Bodypainting Day.

Once a year, for the past three, Andy Golub has organized a mass bodypainting festival, gathering a hundred models of all sizes, shapes, ages, races, and genders to pose fully nude in the street and act as human canvases for dozens of talented artists flown in from all over the country and all over the world.

IMG_0948This year it threatened to rain — but despite all the gloomy forecasts, not a drop was felt, and the proceedings came off without a hitch. Several members of our august bookclub were there (even though it was still July, hee hee):

IMG_0955IMG_0952IMG_0938IMG_0932IMG_0887IMG_0899…enjoying the privilege of getting naked with countless strangers:


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What it’s like to bike nude at Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride | OregonLive.com

LABSN Editor’s Note: Here’s a reporters inside view of the World Naked Bike Ride in Portland, Oregon.

Some 10,000 people rode naked through Portland on Saturday night. Oregonian reporter Jamie Hale was one of them.

Source: What it’s like to bike nude at Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride | OregonLive.com