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Apprenticeships: do we want them and do they still exist?

LABSN Editor’s Note: Having served a six-year apprenticeship in letterpress printing, I found this article interesting. It speaks of the willingness of today’s society to accept less than top quality.

Bookish Things to think about

I have to perform this week: I am making two books for two experienced bookbinders. I need to be better than my best. But I feel like a beginner.

I was just saying to my students last night that I wished I could do an apprenticeship, a “stage” or internship with a bookbinder somewhere. However at just over 50 years old, who would want me?  I don’t mean it to sound bad; I am being realistic. It costs money to train someone.   I consider myself  an advanced beginner. Although I learned much of my skills at the bench, I have gotten to where I am by teaching myself, by reading, by attending the occasional workshop. I need more bookbinding hours under my belt.  And I am the sort of person who needs a teacher at hand. It’s not that I wish to be younger, it’s about having more time.  What…

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NUDE LIGHT: They are my children too

LABSN Editor’s Note: I found this so moving I had to repost it.

Source: NUDE LIGHT: They are my children too

Georgia parents stress out about yoga and meditation classes in school, ban the word ‘namaste’

LABSN Editor’s Note: I’m just amazed at how high the fear level is in America anymore. This is from Daily Kos.

Source: Georgia parents stress out about yoga and meditation classes in school, ban the word ‘namaste’

Lost in the Woods and Naked!

LABSN editor’s note: I found this piece by Nick Alimonos, blogger and writer, very interesting. He has the nerve to do what I’m sure many naturists long for. Thanks, for sharing, Nick.

the Writer's Disease

Look! That deer is naked!

Do you ever feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day? You know, where he wakes up every morning to the same song, “I’ve got you babe . . .” because his entire life is a repeat of the same day?

Last Thursday, I was in that Groundhog Day rut, and wanted to do something crazy, to carpe diem!, to remind myself that I exist. But carpe dieming (TM) means different things for different people. For some, it’s to go bungee jumping or fishing, or to max your credit card at Macy’s. For me, it’s shedding my clothes to reconnect with nature. Now, I’d like to say that my decision to do this was for research purposes. My next book, Naked in the Wildwood (working title) will feature a naked girl (Thelana) living alone in the woods, struggling to survive. Besides volunteering for the TV…

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Mytwosentences 88

Edward Roads continues to inspire me with his blog, Mytwosentences. His dedication to post a photo and two sentences daily also is an inspiration.Source: Mytwosentences 88

rdunlopart | Contemporary Irish Painter, Arts Marketer

Rachael Dunlop is an very accomplished artist/illustrator who writes about art. I like her work and thought I’d share it with you. You may like it also.

Contemporary Irish Painter, Arts Marketer

Source: rdunlopart | Contemporary Irish Painter, Arts Marketer

Students Speak Out: A Curious Incident of Censorship | National Coalition Against Censorship

Censorship rears it’s ugly head again.

Source: Students Speak Out: A Curious Incident of Censorship | National Coalition Against Censorship