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Night Shift.

LABSN Editor’s Note: When I checked out Josephine R. Unglaub’s blog I found some wonderful art. I wanted to share her work with everyone.

lemanshots - Fine Pictures and Digital Art

lemanshots_cityDesigned and created by Josephine R. Unglaub

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Ballet Dancers Glide Their Way Through NYC — Naked — In Stunning Photos | The Huffington Post

LABSN Editor’s Note: I just thought these photos were so beautiful I had to share them. Hope you all think so also.

Dancers just seem to navigate the world a bit differently than the rest of us.

Source: Ballet Dancers Glide Their Way Through NYC — Naked — In Stunning Photos | The Huffington Post

Sunday Noon Nudist – Zjuzdme.org


LABSN Editor’s Note: Paul has been very faithful over the past years in posting the Sunday Noon Nudist on his blog, Zjuzdme.org. I love today’s. It says a lot without words. Check out Paul’s other posts, also.

The art of looking at nude art naked.

Source: Sunday Noon Nudist – Zjuzdme.org

Face off

LABSN Editor’s Note: Notis Stamos came to my attention when I saw a posting on LABSN “liked” by the blogger. The photography is excellent and very inspiring. I thought you would be similarly inspired and impress.


Art at the push of a button

Flowers, Macro, NotisStamos I should work a bit on my botanical knowledge, because I have no clue what flowers these are.

I recently set up a small portable photo studio in my living room, with the purpose of photographing flowers and other small things. I have several ideas and testing them should fill several long, cold winter nights. The studio is still a project under development and improving the set up is almost as much fun as taking the photographs.

© 2016 Epameinondas Stamos

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Why This NSFW Binder Full of Nude Women Costs $20K | InsideHook

LABSN Editor’s Note: This calendar is a little out of my budget, but it looks like the photography and models present a beautiful collection. Enjoy.


Luckily, we convinced them to give us a sneak peek inside

Source: Why This Binder Full of Nude Women Costs $20K | InsideHook

Sunday Noon Nudist – Zjuzdme.org

LABSN Editor’s Note: I just love this photo. I had to repost it. Paul has a great blog site.

Source: Sunday Noon Nudist – Zjuzdme.org

Pic of the Day | Recked with Finn West

Finn West has a blog called Recked with Finn West. It has interesting posts about the male species. Below is a sample of one of his posts.

Have you tried exercising naked yet? It is summer! Try doing your warmup routine on the beach. You will experience an exhilirating sense of freedom! Stay nude! Finn

Source: Pic of the Day | Recked with Finn West

Black in Shadows

As a figure model myself, I found the Eccentric Art Model site very well done and wanted to share it.

Eccentric Art Model

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Malala Yousafzai: Leading Humanity in the Uni-Verse of Peace. | elephant journal


This is who the Taliban fears.

Malala Yousafzai: Leading Humanity in the Uni-Verse of Peace. | elephant journal.

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some time ago

bikershortsI follow the blog of a true naturist in Poland. He’s dedicated and wants to spread his joy.

The blog is in Polish, but there’s a translation that converts the words into English or any of several other languages.

Here’s the translation of this posts. I like his idea. I don’t think I have enough guts to do it though.

“came to my mind a certain idea, which I was able to
realize I was curious .Otoz what opportunities may be
on it to someone, he could np.przejezdzajacy car in August
zmiarkowac including the “shorts” that I had for a
sa When I painted the temperature already at have allowed it
decided to enter the providential plan of action .Namalowalem
the “shorts” and hit the road.
At the mile-long stretch ran over a couple
of cars. None was any reaction.
After that freely gave a ride near the
town in places where the road proceeded
relatively close to built-up because of the distance of a few hundred
meters I doubt that someone was able to distinguish these painted
shorts from the actual “

Check out his blog at: