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Nudist Clubs | Body and Genital Jewelry at Nudist Resorts

Editors note: Felicity with Young Naturists America has written a very good piece on acceptance of genital and body jewelry in the nudist community.

Why are nudist clubs still banning entry to people with genital jewelry? Felicity explains why such a policy doesn’t make sense in naturism.

Source: Nudist Clubs | Body and Genital Jewelry at Nudist Resorts

Pic of the Day | Recked with Finn West

Finn West has a blog called Recked with Finn West. It has interesting posts about the male species. Below is a sample of one of his posts.

Have you tried exercising naked yet? It is summer! Try doing your warmup routine on the beach. You will experience an exhilirating sense of freedom! Stay nude! Finn

Source: Pic of the Day | Recked with Finn West

Pubic Shaving – All-Nudist.com

Webmaster Steve of All-Nudist.com has hit it on the head for the second day in a row. Great reasoning.

Pubic Shaving – All-Nudist.com.

Pierced nudists

I liked the intelligent reasoning of this piece.

Pierced nudists.