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Why Naturist Fiction Matters – Naturist Fiction.org

LABSN Editor’s Note: Three very good writers are sharing their ideas about a writing genre they all produce. I thought I’d share one of the posts, leading you to their blog site.

Nudity in the arts has a long history, and it’s not just paintings and sculptures. Writing about nudity has also been around for centuries. To get to what we can call writing about naturism o…

Source: Why Naturist Fiction Matters – Naturist Fiction.org

Why We Do What We Do | The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

LABSN Editor’s Note: These women are so inspirational that they reach across national boundaries.

We recently received an email message from a woman in Turkey that broke our heart, but also filled us with gratitude and hope. With her permission, we’re sharing her message here (but not her…

Source: Why We Do What We Do | The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

Apprenticeships: do we want them and do they still exist?

LABSN Editor’s Note: Having served a six-year apprenticeship in letterpress printing, I found this article interesting. It speaks of the willingness of today’s society to accept less than top quality.

Bookish Things to think about

I have to perform this week: I am making two books for two experienced bookbinders. I need to be better than my best. But I feel like a beginner.

I was just saying to my students last night that I wished I could do an apprenticeship, a “stage” or internship with a bookbinder somewhere. However at just over 50 years old, who would want me?  I don’t mean it to sound bad; I am being realistic. It costs money to train someone.   I consider myself  an advanced beginner. Although I learned much of my skills at the bench, I have gotten to where I am by teaching myself, by reading, by attending the occasional workshop. I need more bookbinding hours under my belt.  And I am the sort of person who needs a teacher at hand. It’s not that I wish to be younger, it’s about having more time.  What…

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How To De-Objectify Women in Comics: A Guide | Heroic Girls

LABSN Editor’s Note: I found this interesting just for the sense of making me aware of how we objectify women in culture. We can all learn from this.

As an artist, what can I consider if I want to de-objectify and add power to female characters? A visual guide by Eisner nominee Renae De Liz.

Source: How To De-Objectify Women in Comics: A Guide | Heroic Girls

Why This NSFW Binder Full of Nude Women Costs $20K | InsideHook

LABSN Editor’s Note: This calendar is a little out of my budget, but it looks like the photography and models present a beautiful collection. Enjoy.


Luckily, we convinced them to give us a sneak peek inside

Source: Why This Binder Full of Nude Women Costs $20K | InsideHook

Come Exercise Your Rights With Us

LABSN Editor’s Note: I hope some of the women who read my blog accept O.C.T.P.F.A.S.  invitation. O.C.T.P.F.A.S.  is doing very important work.

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

IMG_6600The last time you saw Central Park’s Summit Rock on our blog, it was because we were performing The Tempest for what turned out to be an audience of millions (thank you, media!). This past week, we returned for something a bit more low-key and laid-back — but no less important.

IMG_6526IMG_6524This was one of our plain old visits to the park, the sort where half a dozen of us get together and hang out and read books and enjoy each other’s company, and do so naked from the waist up, just like men have been doing with impunity for the past century or so.

IMG_6616Should this be a scandal? It should not. It has been legal for women in New York to go topless anywhere a man can for twenty-some years. But you still rarely see women doing it, and it’s not because on an 85-degree day no woman would ever want…

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LABSN Editor’s Note: I’ve always had this thing for Betty Page and Bunny Yeager, so I thought I’d share this article with an interview of Betty by Bunny on selvedgeyard.com.

For me, Bettie Page & Bunny Yeager epitomize iconic American pinup photography. Not just of the 1950s… Ever. In 1954, Bettie Page was working with Irving Klaw in NYC and decided a break w…