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Naturism & Exhibitionism: Enemies or First Cousins?


LABSN Editor’s Note: I thought this blog on Meandering Naturist expressed many of my thoughts on nudism and exhibitionism.


The Meandering Naturist

Some people dismiss streakers, naked protesters and even nudists and life models as ‘exhibitionists’ without fully appreciating that we are all, to a greater or lesser extent, motivated by exhibitionism. We learn to be that way in order to stay alive. A baby needs to be seen and to be noticed by its mother, and this need continues to operate in us throughout our lives… Every human being is motivated by this deep desire to be seen, to have attention paid to them, to be noticed and to be heard.

Philip Carr-Gomm, A Brief History of Nakedness, 2012

nudist-beach-nude-people-mans-womans-relax-beach-colorful-flat-illustration-90801266 Naturists or Exhibitionists?

I keep trying to figure out how the social media thing coincides – in a meaningful way – with the naturist cause. I recently re-established my presence on Facebook and Instagram, (simply waiting for someone on a minimum wage salary to shut off my account for too much…

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  1. naturalian says:

    I have been a naturist/nudist for 50+yrs and in that time have been naked in public many times and have many hundreds of pictures of me naked on the wwweb. I am at my most relaxed when I have no clothes to cover me and I truly feel that my naked self is my real self. Is there any sexual element to my full nudity? Maybe a little but it’s sensual rather than sexual and I’m saying to whoever views my naked self, this is the real me. I used to wear suit and tie to work which I hated now the most I wear is Tshirt and shorts/jogging bottoms – no underwear.
    So make of me what you will!

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