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There’s a lot of bare-chestedness going on! (Summer 2016)

Thank you for your hard work in equal rights.


Frick Park July 16 1 Frick Park, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Summer 2016. Five bare-chested women (one not pictured here) and four bare-chested men spent this hot and muggy, but very enjoyable evening chatting and snacking. Two hours, adjacent to a major road, a sidewalk and a children’s play area, in full view. Curiosity, but all positive or neutral reactions from passersby.

Without hyperbole, there has literally been too much going on in the world of topfreedom this month for me to keep up with.

Personally, I have been going bare-chested in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington D.C. and parts of Maryland (though I don’t have any police in agreement in Maryland yet, I haven’t been arrested either, and I haven’t been hiding.)

In New Hampshire, which I will write on more in coming weeks, women have been enjoying the public beaches and parks bare-chested, and the activists among them have taken a couple opportunities to challenge Laconia’s refusal…

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  1. sexhysteria says:

    Thanks for reblogging this. I wonder if the daughters who came along were top-free too.

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