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Nature Returns

Violet Plum and Miranda Lemon, Team VVeC, have a wonderful blog called Violet’s Veg*n e-comics. I hope you check it out.

Below is one of their beautifully written poems.

Violet's Vegan Comics


When mankind retreats

And leaves abandoned,

Concrete slabs

And platforms hardened,

Nature returns

With soft root and stem

And swiftly reclaims

What was trampled by them.

She stretches and reaches,

She grows and she smothers

The cold ugly grey,

And with colour recovers.

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  1. egglantine says:

    I love your blog 😀 I am a beginner nudist and I love it. I can’t believe I have spent so much time wearing clothes! Thank you for sharing your experience, it’s really good to read of other people’s experiences. I love the poems and stories of Violet Plum and Miranda Lemon, I think they are marvellous 😀 Thank you

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