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Playing Naked In The Rain

I sometimes go out in the rain nude to to feel the sensation of the rain falling on my skin. It is fun. Like being a child again. Thanks for reminding us of our freedoms.

Sky Clad Therapist - The Naked Psyche

Celebrate and orientate the self to become whole. Celebrate and orientate the self to become whole.

It’s raining. It has been raining for more than 24 hours with the amount of rain surpassing 60 ml (2 1/2 inches) in the process. Last night moments after we had gone to bed, my wife suggested that it would be a good idea to put our cactus plants out on the back deck to get a good nature wash. Since we both sleep nude, the task of gathering the plants and then taking them out into the dark and the rain was done nude. There was no point in getting any clothing wet. We were both laughing as we worked quickly to complete the task. In the process, I tipped one cactus plant onto my right foot getting a few prickles in the process. There was no question about it, we had fun together.

The simple process of playing in the…

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