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Is Naturism an issue for same gender loving men? Are we true Nudists?

Very well written. As a single straight male, I definitely understand how lone males are sometimes shunned in social nude situations. As for the segregation gay nudists/naturists at nude beaches, sometimes this is self-imposed. I have been to beaches were some of the gay men would be among the mixed gendered crowd, while at the same time many of the gay nudists continued past us to a part of the beach they may feel more comfortable at.

Naturist Fab

I follow the naturist lifestyle the best and only way I can and have wondered why certain naturists don’t follow back on Twitter.    After my interview with Björ Christianson in February I understood. Anyone I follow can see what I “favorited” and this is why I think being a gay naturist can be an issue. I do not retweet anything sexual or related to porn that comes through my feed. I will block when I have a chance anything that has to do with sex or porn. (As of this writing, my Twitter account is protected and therefore I get to accept who can follow me).

As an artist and a gay man I can appreciate the male form and have on occasion “favorited” pictures of nude men on Twitter. Not in any state of arousal mind you, just pictures of beautiful men in either an outdoor or natural setting.  …

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