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Stop Banning Public Nudity – CityLab

Naked cyclists negotiate the hairpin turns down Lombard Street during the World Naked Bike Ride in downtown San FranciscoFound this Jan 28, 2013 article on citylab.com, a The Atlantic web site, and thought the writer’s (Conor Friedersdorf) argument that public nudity is not immoral very persuasive. Even those who wrote comments opposing public nudity used the “morality” argument. Let me know what you all think. Are people who want to walk around in public nude just exhibitionists or immoral people?

Stop Banning Public Nudity – CityLab.



  1. IceBreaker says:

    Immoral? I don’t know. But I definitely think it is way out of place.

    I’m all for nudity but in the right context. I should have the choice whether or not I, or my family, sees a naked person without being forced to stay at home in order to avoid it. I don’t know if immoral is the right term for it, but it’s just grossly inappropriate if I go out in public and as such get forced to experience someone else’s nude exposure.

    And if you pay close attention to the public nudity that used to be legal in San Francisco, a lot of people (men especially) used it to show off their exhibitionism rather than nudism (there’s lots of pictures of them with cock rings, for example, and videos of them drawing disproportionate attention to their genitals).

    Things like nude beaches are fine, I visit those myself. I’m also not against breastfeeding in public or even things like changing clothes on the beach or something, like they do in Europe. But there is a line between when nudity fits the context vs. when it’s just seriously inappropriate, shocking and destructive… having to deal with people walking naked down the street, or worse yet, sitting across from me at Applebees is just off this planet.

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