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Ultra Violet — Artist and Friend of Andy Warhol and Salvador Dalí — Dies at 78

I’m so sad about this. I have a personal connection with Ultra Violet. I modeled for her during a figure drawing workshop at then Manatee Community College in the 1990s. She invited me to come to her studio in France and model for her there, but I never made it. She was so interesting and some of the students didn’t even appreciate her status in the art world.

More on Ultra Violet here:



  1. Happy Bare says:

    Terrific post Carl. I too have met several women who like Ultra Violet have been life long artists and hung around with the famous men of art. They are invariably very interesting and insightful people.

    • carlnudi says:

      HB, thanks for the comment. You’re right about artistic woman being ver interesting and insightful. Maybe because being a figure model I’m around more women artists than usual, but all of them are really good people. The seem to have a different way of looking at the world than, say, a woman who’s into business, which isn’t to say those women aren’t interesting. Just in a different way. I’m rambling. To wrap up, meeting Ultra Violet is one of the highlights of my life. Take care.

  2. Bear says:

    Sad 😦

    I have been meaning to visit that Salvador Dali museum here in Florida.

    Peace ~ Bear

    • carlnudi says:

      You’ve to to do it, Bear. And now it’s in a new building, which I haven’t even visited yet.

      • Bear says:

        My 21 year old daughter is an artist though she has not done anything in a long time. Maybe a road trip will inspire her to pick it up again?

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