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Happy Bare Naked Naturist Nudists or not

Happy Bare tells the naked truth

Happy Bare

Image Why can’t bare naked naturist nudists barely get along? Such a simple thing as being without clothing draws out so many varying opinions from so many people. There are actually arguments where some insist they are truer nudists than others because they have a deeper or more spiritual understanding of nakedness. Others say they are better nudists because they have more fun being naked.  Some naturists say that some nudists are barely out of the woods in their understanding of nakedness, while some nudists say that naturists are just naked treehuggers barely out of the naked shame closet.  To some just because the word ‘nude’ rhymes with ‘lewd’, things done in the nude become sexual and licentious, while to others the word nakedness implies poverty and want and so should not be used. Nudists appear to be naked people of mixed genders that hang around together in groups, while naturists appear…

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