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Charters Get Kids Cubicle-Ready | Labor Notes

Charters Get Kids Cubicle-Ready | Labor Notes.

To hear their enthusiasm, you might imagine the tech elites would be dropping their kids off every day for these cutting-edge education experiments. But instead, many Silicon Valley leaders send their kids to private schools like Waldorf Peninsula—whose philosophy is to avoid computers, arguing that they hurt children’s development and attention spans.



  1. Happy Bare says:

    Children spend far too much time in front of screens. We need to encourage our kids to interconnect with the world at large rather than an electronic device that presents them with skewed and biased view. I saw it with my own kids when I realized that their knowledge of Greek and Roman gods was entirely from video games, they knew nothing of the original story or moral, but only the stories contrived by the game maker.

    • carlnudi says:

      That was one of the reasons I posted that article. I also think kids spend too much time interfacing with a screen. If it’s not a computer, it’s a smartphone or game.
      But you know I’m finding that I’m also spending more time with a computer. I decided to limit my time, which means less email and less postings. But I don’t want to spend my retirement in front of a screen. That’s why I got rid of my television the day i retired three years ago.

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